Consorzio Vini di Bertinoro

Sangiovese – from young to ripe – on ProWein 2013 in Düsseldorf

Bertinoro in the Emilia-Romagna

The “Consorzio Vini di Bertinoro” and its members introduce themselves to an expert audience on the world’s biggest trade fair for wine in Düsseldorf. With their Sangiovese Riserva, for which they received a further specific mention in the DOC review in 2011, and other autochthonous grape varieties, six quality-orientated wineries from the same terroir present themselves jointly at the shared booth (Hall 6, C59) of “Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna”.

On March 24 and 25, at 2 pm there will be two tastings of Bertinoro’s wines. The title of the Sunday event in hall 7.1 is: “Sangiovese Riserva from Bertinoro – a star is born“. Three Sangiovese vintages (2007 – 2009) will be described under the aspect of ageing. The tasting on the following day carries the name: “Autochthonous freshness - Albana and Sangiovese from Bertinoro“. There will be three Albana wines and three young Sangiovese wines for degustation. Registrations for the tastings have to be sent to: kontakt@xenos-comm.de.

Outside of the cellars the wine experts from Bertinoro are always searching for improvements of their product range. That’s why they came up with something very special last year: in cooperation with other expert producers, agronomists and sommeliers they wrote a “Vintage Chart” of Sangiovese in Romagna. This is the first one ever published in this region and can be found on the Bertinoro website right on the first page: www.bertinorowines.it. From 1990 on, Sangiovese vintages are explained and described according to the climate conditions and other exterior aspects of the corresponding year. The wines themselves are rated in a star system with one star given for weaker vintages and five stars for the best ones.

Further information about the Consorzio Vini di Bertinoro on ProWein 2013 online: www.bertinorowines.it