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Rocim launches the Herdade do Rocim olive oil

The desire to launch our olive was born with the purchase of Herdade do Rocim. As with wine, we wanted to recover a very portuguese family memory, where the small olive groves lived with the vineyards and where the harvesting for the production was done by hand.

The harvesting made ​​in November 2011, mostly from the Cobrançosa olive variety, presents a fresh, very fruity and slightly spicy olive oil. Boasting from the unique features of the Lower Alentejo region, where the favorable climate and soil are appropriate for the production of exceptional quality olive oil, the 10 ha of olive groves of Herdade do Rocim are in extensive culture.

Inspired by tradition, the Herdade do Rocim olive oil is another step in the Rocim project and we want to give it a bright future. Because it's ours, because it's good and because it's healthy!