Clos Pons (Euroaliment PAC SLU)

Roc de Foc , a white wine with character.

Roc de Foc
Clos Pons expands its range of wines.

In December Clos Pons launched a new white wine, which completed a family of five wines. The winery of L’Albages has three red wines (Alges, Roc Nu and Clos Pons 809) and a white one (Sisquella).

Roc de Foc is a single variety white wine made exclusively from Macabeu grape. It is white grape variety famous for its excellence.

After being pressed grape starts with a spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and then it's aged in 2,000 liters French oak barrels for 12 months.
A powerfull white wine that is last tasted and pleasant, noted for its body and smoothness.

Roc de Foc is an amazing wine that combines perfectly with cheeses, fatty fish and even poultry.

With a production of 5,000 bottles, it is a perfect complement for Sisquella, which has collected many international awards, and both of them form a white wine pair indispensable for a good table. New wine will impress as much a white wine lovers as the ones that opt for red wines, none of them will remain indeferent.

The new wine is available from the month of December.