Finewine Oü

Real vodka is not tasteless

It should have hints of true Grain flavor. A subtle aroma. A lingering smoothness. Real vodka should be something you can smell, sip and savor. When you mix it, it should reinvent your signature drink. Real vodka should not have dirty secrets. Because you have to filter those out, and when you do, you take the good character with the bad.

Saaga 1763 has a perfect balance of purity and a smooth taste and aroma that retain the fine character of the Grain. The vital Grain and slow distillation method provides the unique and original taste of Saaga 1763.
Saaga 1763 is so smooth you can truly enjoy it like fine cognac: straight up, slow sipping.
Compare Saaga 1763 vodka with other vodkas at room temperature and discover the taste the difference and the purity.

Please remember that Saaga 1763 should be served with responsibility. Good taste should always come with good judgment.