Advertising on the D:VIS information screens

Graphic: D:VIS Fullscreen Ad

D:VIS Fullscreen Ad

  • Exclusive advertising opportunity
  • With individual advertising in the editorial trade fair environment on the screens you are guaranteed to draw attention to your company
  • Place your fullscreen advertising message on the info terminal in your hall!
  • Interact with the visitors and reach a large target group
  • Superimpose of your full-screen ad as part of the playlist (= recurring sequence of content and advertising shown on the screens throughout the entire duration the trade fair)

Price: € 2,500.– plus VAT each hall
Grafik: D:VIS Search Ad

D:VIS Search Ad

Advertise where the visitors are searching: In the free text search on the info terminals in your hall!
  • Exclusive advtertising possibility per hall
  • Lead visitors directly to your stand
  • Your digital banner appears right under the search input

Price: € 2,500.– plus VAT each hall
Graphic: D:VIS Print Ad

D:VIS Print Ad

Your logo or advertisement appears on all printouts from all info terminals on the trade fair grounds. Visitors can print their search results and favorites list free of charge.
  • Exclusive advertising option for one exhibitor
  • Your advertisement appears on all info terminal printouts
  • Visitors will see your advertisement regardless of which hall they are in when printing results
  • Format: 508px width x 508px height

Price: € 2,500.– plus VAT

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