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Sergio Tomás Labori, Export Director - Europe & South East Asia, Chilean Grape Group, Chile

The Chilean Grape Group launched a new product in 2016 called "Winebeer". It tastes fresh and unique, is verly low on calories, without artificials and with 9% alcohol. It can be classified between beer and wine. So it is no surprise that they feel very comfortable in the "same but different" hall. They are such enthusiastic about the "same but different" idea that they wish a more central place next year between the halls to have more walk-in-visitors. "There are so many innovations around, for example flavored gin." Concerning their business he says: "We are now looking for partners in Europe. In the Netherlands we have found already a sucessful distribution. It is a lot to do, so it's a shame that I don't have the time to see the whole show."

Matteo Bruno Lunelli (re), President & CEO, Ferrari f.lli Lunelli S.p.A, Italy

Matteo Bruno Lunelli leads the Italian company in the third generation, founded in 1902. In Italy the family company is known as a market leader in sparkling wine. Mr. Lunelli wants to expand internationally and establish the brand worldwide. “ProWine is very important for us as a meeting point with business partners like international importors and especially to develop our German network. We have been at the fair for many years and our exhibition stand is getting bigger and busier every year. Taking part at this fair is a very important investment for us. We want to be perceived as an ambassador not only for Italian wine but also for Italian lifestyle.“

Godefroy Baijot, Export Director, Lanson, France

After taking part 13 years at ProWein he summarizes: "For us it is the best fair worldwide and a obligatory date every year.“ At the exhibition stand he presents three brands of the French company: Besserat de Bellefon, Champagne Lanson and Champagne Tsarine. "Our business is going well, but we need to show that champagne is more: Champagne is a very emotional product. We often have limited editions in costly bottles, that show the luxery of our procucts."

Marilisa Allegrini, CEO, Allegrini, Italy

Italien Signature Wines Academy is an association of winegrowers, producers and land owners from Italy for leveraging synergies and bundling forces. Mrs. Allegrini explains: "Together we create marketing und promotion concepts to improve the international awareness of Italian wine." Quality, history and our values are main aspects of the profile. Part of the strategy is for exemple to create a world of experience. People can come to our wine regions across Italy not only for tasting wine but also for holiday.
About ProWein she says: "I only can repeat, what all people say, it is the most important fair for everybody working in that business. We enjoy taking part every year."

Ines Pinto, Senior Area Manager, Vini Portugal, Portugal

As an association Vini Portugal represents the wine industry of portugal. Mrs. Pinto says: "The ProWein is for us the most important fair worldwide. Because everybody is here in Düsseldorf, we can do the whole range of business: holding meetings, placing orders, defining contracts." Especially the time in March is perfect for them and their best time for business. Asked for current trends she knows: "Portugal in general is a trend. We know that from several survays we did, and it is not only the wine in all its facets. People like to come to Portugal, they enjoy the culture and the food. And of course they love the wine."

Miguel Torres, Director General, Torres, Spain

"For my company ProWein is the top wine fair, because it's business orientated and ideal for meeting customers, journalists and everybody, who wants to get in contact with Torres", he tells. Showing new vintages and product innovations is also a main concern for being in Düsseldorf. To meet future challenges Torres has big goals: "We try to keep an appropriate respect for nature, because of the climate change. To reduce our CO2 emmissions we will produce more own regenerative energy. For that reason we set up a big environmental programm called "Torres and Earth". The more we care for our earth, the better is our wine."

Yumi Tanabe, Chairperson, Sakura Japan Women's Wine Award, Japan

Mrs. Tanabe ist not at ProWein to sell or buy wine. Her concern is quite special and stands out of the majority of exhibitors. Sakura Women's Wine Award is a Japanese compitition judged exclusively by female wine specialists. She says: "We want to stimulate the wine market in Japan. We also want to help make selections on paring wine with Japanese cuisine and last but not least we want to increase opportunaties for women to work in the wine industry." It is their fifth year in the market and their fourth year at ProWein. "We recognised very soon that ProWein is the best fair for us to energize our business."

Thomas Domeyko, Corporate Export Director, Viña Concha y Toro, Chile

Founded in 1883, Viña Concha y Toro is one of the Latin America’s leading producer and on the fifth position worldwide. Currently they export to 147 countries worldwide. The ProWein is especially important for our business in Europe and America. Mr. Domeyko appreciates the general conditions here in Düsseldorf: "The location is ideal, because of the infrastructure the outstanding organisation." He also determines: "There are more international visitors at the ProWine every year."


Romeo Pavlovic, Weintresor, Deutschland and Bernd Höne, Schäfers Hotel & Restaurant Margaux, Germany

Both are connected with professional and private interest in the entire topic of wine. Romeo Pavlovic visits ProWein for the 15th time, Bernd Höne for the first time. ”We focus on european wines, especially on Italian wines. Italy is a pioneer concerning good and trendy wines with beautiful wine labels and high quality bottles”, explaines Romeo Pavlovic. ”The look and feel is playing an increasingly important role”, Bernd Höne agrees.

Jean-Paul Gales und Christel Steylaers, Pontifex Wines, Luxembourg

Jean-Paul Gales and Christel Steylaers, Pontifex Wines, Luxembourg

“Of course we start our visit at ProWein early in the morning, because we want to visit 35 exhibitors“, Jean-Paul Gales und Christel Steylaers tell. “The first day we concentrate on Italian exhibitors, the second day on French exhibitors and the last day we will visit exhibitors of Spain and Portugal.“ Mr. Gales knows the ProWein from the beginning: “So far ProWein has become so big and international that it could go even a day longer.”

Tony Kavanagh, Commercial Director – International, Beam Suntory, United Kingdom

Beam Suntory is one of the the world's largest premium spirits companies. Tony Kavanagh is proud of their wide product range and asked challenging: “Are you ready for a very long list? We offer Bourbon Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Scotch, Irish and Japanese Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Cognaq, Brandy, Rum, nearly the entire range of spirits. That is why I am here to meet potential and existing customers. I really like hall 7, the great new area „same but different“ at ProWein which brings important spirit exhibitors close together.“

Yisai Hu, Italy

Yisai Hu visits the ProWein for the first time. She helps a friend, who is an exhibitor. "I made first professional experiences in the wine industry and I am planning to develop into the business side more and more. The world of wine is fascinating me and I want to know more about it." She was straight on the way to help her friend of Podere Dell`Anselmo. She already visited other fairs. "At ProWein it is so easy to get in contact with wine experts because of the size and internationality of the ProWein", she explaines very happy.

Feifei Wu and Xingzi Zhou, School of Wine & Spirits, France

Both visitors come from Japan and study in France at the School of Wine & Spirits. They are part of a big group of students exploring the ProWein. They all work on a big project and want to evaluate the wine specialties of different countries. They are enthusiastic about the organisation: "The ProWein is fantastic because the nationalities are splittet in different sections, so it's very easy for us to have a complete overview." They soon will finish their master degree and are looking forward to visit the ProWein again.

Mr. Paulsen, Rare Wine e.K., Germany

Mr. Paulsen has not been visited the ProWein for several years. This year the ProWein is his preference again because he is very interesting to see what has changed. He says: "My focus is on rare and very old wines. My search is not been terminated yet, but i made an interesting new discovery from Bordeaux and Burgund." Unfortunately he didn't tell was he exactly has discovered, so that it will remain his secret.

Christian Bävemark, Värdens Vin and Kristian Hagelkvist, Skrubbes Wine, Sweden

Mr. Bävemerk is consultant for importers, like Skrubbes Wine, where Mr. Hagelkvist works for. Both are regular visitors and enjoy the fair. "For discovering new trends the ProWein offers many insights. Organic is omnipresent of course and the importance will continue to increase." Another hot topic they both see is prosecco and related subjects that have to do with "bubbles", because there is content-based and commercial potential. One special advice they have: "There is an exhibitor, who has wine that matured in whiskey barrlels. It tasts fantastic and we are sure, that this will be the next big thing, you find him in hall 9," they notice.

Arian Rau and Sylvio Grabe, Rewe Nieß GmbH, Germany

“For us ProWein is the most important date of the year. We find a more and more extensive selection of wines and spirits. That is very important for us as a retailer because Gin and Rum are strong demanded. We also see this development here at ProWein,“ both explain. „Gin remains on a high level, but we guess, the peak is still far away“, Arian Rau says. Both are enthousiastic about the „same but different“ area, where they get further ideas of product innovation.


ProWein in Düsseldorf is the world’s leading trade fair for wine and spirits, and is the largest industry platform for professionals from viticulture, production, trade and gastronomy. From 18 – 20 March more than 6,800 exhibitors from 61 Nations showcase their products in ten halls.
One premiere at ProWein 2018 are the Trend Themes identified by the sommeliers of the Deutsche Sommelier-Union, the wine experts Stuart Pigott and Paula Sidore as well as bar scene bloggers ahead of the fair. As part of the Trend Hour these selected wines and trends will be presented on Sunday and Monday.
Celebrating a premiere at the Japan joint stand is the topic of Sake. The companies presented in Hall 9, Stand A 47 are among the crème de la crème of Sake producers. For instance, Daishichi – a company found by Samurais ten generations ago that serves its Sake at G8 heads of government meetings or Dutch royal receptions.
Presenter Joko Winterscheidt and actor Matthias Schweighöfer have now started making wine. Together with professional winegrower Juliane Eller (of Weingut Juwel) they are producing wines called “III Freunde” (3 Friends) aimed at fun evenings with friends. At ProWein 2018 they will be presenting their new wine after the debut in 2017.
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