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ProWein 2014: Spotlight on Israeli newcomers

Israelischer Messestand

Israel’s best wines launched on an international level

27 March, 2014 – Cologne

From the 23rd to the 25th of March 2014, eight Israeli wineries from Galilee and the Judean Hills showcased their exquisite wines to an international audience at the ProWein wine fair. Numerous visitors had the chance to taste the wines, and experience the high quality of the Israeli products.

“Israeli wines are no longer the heavy, sweet red wines that formerly characterised the nation’s winegrowing,” says Yaara Shimony, Manager, Wine and Fresh Produce at the Israel Export and international Cooperation Institute. “The numerous international awards given to Israeli winegrowers highlight the new technical methods used to produce wine in order to catch up with other high-quality wines. At the ProWein fair, Israel had the chance to prove that it has become a quality producer for red and white wines.”

Israel’s evolution as a wine hotspot is reflected by Rimon Winery, which creates the first 100% pure pomegranate wines. Its wines have received several awards, including the coveted gold medal TERRAVINO 2009, Mediterranean Wine Challenge for Bubblepom.

The eight wineries that showcased their wines at ProWein represent a business that has experienced a boom in Israel since the 1980s. Today, roughly 5.500 hectares of land is devoted to wines that can be found in shops all over Europe, as well as on the menus of gourmet restaurants in the US, France, Italy and Germany. With over 4.000 international exhibitors, ProWein has become one of the most influential wine trade fairs in the world, and thus for Israeli wineries, such a meeting point is a perfect place to make a mark.

At the Israeli pavilion every winery had its own special way to present its uniqueness:

Jerusalem Wineries: „We are producing wine, which is well-balanced. At the ProWein we present high-quality wines suiting every table and taste.”

Galil Mountain: „We are the first winery worldwide to have received double “Mundus vini” gold medals in the same year – one for the Yiron wine and the second for the Meron. This makes us enormously proud.“

Golan Heights Winery: „We feel really proud of our white wines, because they have a fantastic rest-acid in outflow. This is very atypical and particular to hot countries like Israel.“

Teperberg 1870: „Our family has been producing high-quality wines for six generations. We are not only one of the oldest wineries in Israel, but with production of around eight million bottles per year, we are one of the largest.“

Tzora Vineyards: “The booth gave us a great opportunity to present our wines, which express the qualities and character of their origin terroir in the Judean Hills.“

Bazelet Hagolan Winery: „The secrets of our mineral-rich wines are the fertile ground and the special climate, making them simply unique.“

Recanati Winery: "With our skilled winemaking team and careful selection of fruits, we produce wines with an enormous amount of love and continually strive to enhance our products. One of our most unique wines is the Wild Carignan, which is made from wild grapes."

Rimon Winery: „For us it is all about the pomegranate. Our 100 % pomegranate wines unite Israeli taste with world-class quality.“

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