ProWein 2009 Inspire Host City Duesseldorf to Gastronomic Heights

For the first time since its inception three years ago, 20 of Duesseldorf’s finest gastronomic addresses will join in „ProWein goes city,“ the public celebration of ProWein, the International Trade Show for Wine and Spirits held annually here. ProWein 2009 will be held Rhineside at the Duesseldorf Fair Grounds, the „Messe“ from Sunday, March 29th – Tuesday, March 31st, 2009.

Although open only to trade visitors, members of the general public are now welcome to join in the excitement generated by ProWein, as an increasing number of the Westphalian capital’s finest restaurants and wine merchants offer special menus and pricing in conjunction with the event.

With ProWein 2009 attendees from every wine-producing region and market on hand, “ProWein goes city” enables local inhabitants and visitors alike the opportunity to savor all of Duesseldorf’s attractions, culinary, vinous and cultural as well as encounter winemakers, journalists, cognescenti, distributors, importeurs and merchants from around the world.

Among the many highlights “ProWein goes city” enables ProWein participants and the public the opportunity to avail themselves of exclusive tastings, special meals with paired tasting menus, and even cooking courses held in conjunction with the Fair. All are of highest quality, providing excitement and entertainment.

“ProWein goes city”, having started with just a handful of sites, now boasts 20 participating, renowned establishments, more than ever before.

According to Wilhelm Niedergoeker, Duesseldorf Messe’s managing director, „We are delighted that increasingly more participants from the restaurant trade are showing their interest and enthusiasm and wish to partner ProWein, using it as a stimulus for wine-affinity activities.“

All “ProWein goes city” events are intentionally programmed to start following the conclusion of the ProWein hours at the Messe thus enabling all participants the chance to share common activities with their partners from the wine and gastronomy trade. Of course, it permits all to bring a satisfying day working the show to an enjoyable conclusion at the end of the work day without missing a minute of business activity or recreational events.