ProWein 2008 Concludes with High Acclaim

The history of ProWein has added yet another chapter to its long success story today, Tuesday, March 18th, as ProWein 2008 concluded its three-day run, March 16th – 18th, 2008, at the Duesseldorf Fair Grounds here on a positive note, once again drawing a good balanced in terms of exhibitor and attendee participation and satisfaction. Gains were noted in all areas: Approximately 6% more visitors were on hand for the world’s leading trade fair for the wines and spirits industry. The degree of overall quality and internationalism was highly evident.

Emphasis at the ProWein 2008 was placed on three areas of special interest, namely white wines with lower alcoholic content, biological wines and cocktails with special emphasis on their suitability with foods.

According to Wilhelm Niedergoeker, managing director of the Duesseldorf Fair, “ Prowein’s concept is truly one-of-a-kind in the whole world. It extends unto all relative market segments and provides all manner of important orientation aids to every part of the industry.”

Gains Noted, Overall Satisfaction

This year more than 33,000 trade visitors from more than 40 countries attended ProWein 2008. An overly-high proportional number of the additional visitors came primarily from Scandinavia and eastern Europe. In the latter case from the increasingly dynamic consumer markets including Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

A special cause for celebration was the fact that this year some 86% of all visitors in attendance were personally responsible for their firm’s product acquisition, further attesting to the high quality of attendees.

Exhibitors, too, some 3,160 of them, expressed their satisfaction, explaining, “ When it comes to ProWein, you simply must be here. It is the most important trade show anywhere when it comes to image cultivation and cultivating new business contacts,” says Barbara Wolf-Sykes, marketing manager of the Edelobst Brennerei, Gebr. Josef und Matthaeus Ziegler, GmbH.

Juergen Fleck, marketing operations director of Racke GmbH+ Co. was of the same opinion: “ProWein is the ideal international place for contact exchange. Every relevant customer or connection may be found right here on all three exhibition days. This permits us the opportunity to conduct plentiful private conversations.”

With visitors from 46 countries being on hand, ProWein 2008 provided a global overview of virtually every aspect of the worldwide wine and spirits industry, corroborating both these opinions.

The German wine industry also expressed its complete satisfaction with ProWein 2008. Monika Reule, managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI) stated, “ The trade visitor’s interest in the wines presented by German exhibitors was uncommonly great and the resonance extremely positive. The show provided a crystal-clear image of the overall good situation within the German wine industry.”

Buyers and retailers noted that German wines are playing an ever-growing role in the overall wine offerings, whereas the exhibitors again noted that the quality of discussion and competence and the international scope of the attendees were praised.

The Tasting Zone Accurately Portrayed Current Trends

The word is out – “Wine is in!” – and ProWein 2008, as in the past, has presented itself once again the trendsetter for the entire industry. The newest5 developments within the world of wine were easily accessible to for all attendees to enjoy within the ”global tasting zone.” Some 440 international white wines with lower alcoholic content were available for tasting. Red wines, with emphasis on autocthonic or native grape varieties indigenous to specific areas, provided the second large block of wines offered all visitors. Some 469 such wines made up the group. The special Exhibit devoted to Bio Wines featured 50 top selections chosen by the editors of the wine trade journal WEINWIRTSCHAFT, and these were presented exclusively at ProWein 2008.

The greatly increased interest in “bio-wines” was markedly noted at ProWein 2008. Exhibitors from Italy, France, Spain and Germany displayed their new products. This also included producers who have changed over to the new production mode. These are the products of the future, the wines of tomorrow, and the international trade visitors acknowledged the value of obtaining this information at ProWein 2008. The tastings in the bio wine area were augmented extensively by expositions and discussions revolving on bio wine and related topics.

Delicatessen & Wine

Once gain “Wine’s Best Friends,” the special exhibit which made its debut last year at ProWein 2007 was successful and has now established itself on a regular basis. The interaction of finest, specialty foods and wine again stimulated new inspiration. More than two dozen firms from Germany, Italy and Spain took part in the presentation, showing their delicious products noted for their affinity to wine. Among them were caviar, black winter truffles and strawberry preserves with green tea.

High Octane Spirits from Around the Globe

Many new items were introduced in the distilled spirits areas where more than 200 exhibitors produced stimulus in this important product group area. Exhibitors from around the world produced their typical native specialties for ProWein 2008 attendees in the Lower Rhine-Westphalian capital. Among others were Pisco from Peru, Arrak from Lebanon, and blue pastis from France. The FIZZZ Lounge created cocktails with particular affinity to foods – these included ingredients such as coriander, ginger and chili. This trend, which originated in Great Britain has now entered the German gastronomic scene, and is currently gaining in importance.

In Conclusion

In keeping with this year’s ProWein 2008 slogan, “To Another Great Year!” ProWein, the world’s leading wine and spirits trade exhibition, having fulfilled this premise, bids the trade “Farewell and Auf Wiedersehen in 2009” when ProWein 2009 will again take place March 29th – 31st, 2009, at the Duesseldorf Fair Grounds, adjacent the Rhine, here in Duesseldorf.