ProWein 2008: Biological Wines in in the Limelight

The biological boom is going full blast – even in the wine trade. Biological/ecological production and cultivation are no longer restricted to meat, dairy or vegetable comestibles and have not been for quite some time. Fine wines are now part of the continuously expanding sprectrum of food products grown in accordance with „bio/eco“ principles, responding to ever-increasing consumer demand.

Acknowledging this important trend, ProWein 2008, the wine
industry’s leading, most business-oriented, international trade show, to be held in Duesseldorf, Germany, March 16th – 18th, 2008, is high-lighting these wines this year.

By offering some 50 top-rated wines of many varieties to the more than 32,000 trade visitors attending ProWein, growers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and key personnel in the wines and spirits branch will be able to taste and evaluate these wines. For many, this will be their first opportunity to discover and savor these new products.

When it comes to bio-wine production, the great wine-making countries France, Italy and Spain are leading exponents of this technology. However, producers from other European countries, as well as nations overseas, are also greatly expanding their bio-eco production... and are coming up with first-class wines to their credit.

ProWein 2008 will be featuring numerous wineries from producers world-wide who will be presenting first-class wines from biological-ecologically cultivated vineyards.

Among the presentors are the European Bio-Wine Club members at their communal stand; the Austrian association Bioveritas; and, the German bio-eco producers group ECOVIN.

Seminars, Forums, & Tastings highight the Bio-wine Events Program
In addition to the rich offering of products provided by the exhibitors at ProWein 2008, there will be a plentiful selection of activities in conjunction with the bio-eco wine theme. These will include discussions, seminars and forums with growers, distributors, and merchants involved with this cutting-edge development.

VINUM, Germany’s leading wine consumer publication, will for example, be conducting a tasting seminar with commentary in the „Bio-Boom in Austria.“ And the two leading ecological producers associationsin Austria and Germany, BIO AUSTRIA and Bioland.
ProWine 2008 will also be the venue for presenting their prize-winning bio wines of the first annual BioWineCup Competition – another major ProWein „first!“

All ProWine 2008 attendees and participants will be able to enjoy biologically-cultivated wines in the ProWein Main Tasting Area which is open to all. A special tasting section devoted entirely to bio wines will debut here this year.

According to Ms Danila Avdiu, ProWein’s project manager, „We are presenting for the first-time ever a special showing devoted to this topic and are putting no fewer than 50 absolutely top bio wines in the tasting line-up – all of which have most recently been awarded highest ratings by the trade publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT.“

With this newest development, ProWein once again demonstrates its claim to being the impulse-giver, the trend setter, and the leading venue for business activity in the international wine business world.
With some 3,000 exhibitors, and well over 11 times as many attendees, exclusively from the trade, ProWein continues to demonstrate it’s viability and strength. Now in it’s 16th year, ProWein takes place annually at the Duesseldorf Fair Grounds.

Plentiful parking, central location, easy access to public transportation, surface, rail and air connections, adequate, affordable accommodations, and a vast number of gastronomic offerings make this Rhineside venue a top choice for conducting business.