ProWein 2008, A Continuing Success Story

The Duesseldorf Fairgrounds will welcome more than 30,000 trade visitors from around the globe Pro Wein 2008 to the international wine and spirits exhibition to be held here March 16th – 18th, 2008.

Working under the slogan, „To another great year,“ ProWein is the world’s leading trade show in the wine and spirits trade, known as the prime venue for accomplishing business in the branch. This year emphasis is be-ing placed on themes including Bio-wine, light white wines with lower al-cohol content, and cocktails which go well with foods.

Pre-show anticipation is high and the overall atmosphere positive asserts Wilhelm Niedergoeker, Duesseldorf Fair’s managing director. According to Mr Niedergoeker, „The market is showing a definite upwards trend, and general interest in wine and wine-related topics is fortunately high. Fur-thermore, the 2007 vintage was good and enhanced quality consciousness on the part of consumers are additional positive signs.“

These are also reflected in ProWein 2008’s positive pre-registration period: a record number of exhibitors, 3,109, from 46 countries, will be on hand this year at this key show. The largest exhibitor contingent is from Ger-many with 795 participants followed by Italy with 704, France with 487, Spain, 209, Austria 277, and Portugal 157. A total of 255 presentors from overseas includes the United States, primarily California, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina Peru, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay.

Strong demand for German wines

German vintners this year are looking to ProWein 2008 with great optimism. The German Wine Institute (DWI) notes that the wines of the vin-tage year 2007 were extraordinarily good. The actual yields harvested were approximately 10.5 – 11 million hectoliters, roughly 270.6 million – 283.5 million gallons. This will markedly help fulfil demand for both domestic and international demand for German wines better than in the previous year.

Current market data reveals that wines from Germany’s 13 principal grow-ing areas are definitely a trend, 52% of German household wine expendi-tures being spent on German wines this year, an increase of 1% over the year before.

German wine exports again registered an increase in 2007, some 13% more product being sold with an increase of 8% in value. German Riesling in particular provided plentiful excitement internationally.

Global Wine & Spirit Industry Trends & Tendencies

As the world’s leading trade exhibition in the wines and spirits branch, ProWein reflects relevant market tendencies and trends quite thoroughly. One particular point of interest this year is the Bio-wine area.

Based on the ever-increasing overall consumer interest in biologi-cally/ecological-sound production of all manner of potable and comestible foodstuffs, Bio-wine will be one of ProWein 2008’s main points of focus. A special presentation of 50 top bio-wines, tasted and selected by the edi-tors of the leading German trade publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT will be highlighted in the Main Tasting Area at ProWein 2008.

Also in the unique, vast presentation will be light white wines with lower alcoholic content. Red wine cuvées with emphasis placed on local, unique varietal grapes will form the second major segment of the tasting zone which is open to all proWein 2008 attendees and participants.

ProWein 2008 will also dedicate attention to the Spirits division devoting space to the so-called „Cuisine-Style Cocktail“ realm. These drinks are de-signed to match new cocktail creations with various freshly-made foods in-corporating goat’s cheese, pesto or mustards.

Some 200 seminars, tastings, speeches, talks, and presentations will be presented concerning market developments and the latest trends and matters of concern. International experts and leading trade publication journalists will conduct these peripheral events which vastly enhance ProWein’s compass.

Wine & Delicatessen

„Wine’s Best Friends,“ – a special exhibiton devoted to interfacing fine foods which go especially well with wine – is extending last year’s success-ful debut at ProWein 2008. About two dozen well-known proudcers and importers of delicatessen items from Germany, Spain and Italy will partici-pate demonstrating the perfect match of their specialties with wine. In-cluded among the luscious taste treats are chocolate harmonized with various types of salts , herbs and spices, as well as specialty honies, olive oils and caviar.

Discussions, demonstrations and tastings round out Wine’s Best Friends ac-tivities, which are open to all.

Düsseldorf Supports ProWein & Consumer Awareness
„ProWein Goes City“ encompasses a whole slew of parallel activities and top wine-and-food-related events being held in Duesseldorf, the capital city of North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany’s most populous state. They are being offered the general public thus heightening overall awareness of ProWein and the wine and spirits industry.

Last year’s initial „ProWein Goes City“ was so enthusiastically received that this year some ten partners will be offering an expanded schedule of interesting events during Prowein afterhours. All are invited to participate in these gastronomic and entertainment extracurricular events.