ProWein 2008 - „To another great year“

Many New, Enhanced Events, Presentations & A New Look Mark the Show

ProWein, the International Wine & Spirits Trade Show held annually at the Duesseldorf Messe Fairgrounds, Rhine-side here, is looking forward “To an-other great year”, with an even larger international offering featuring wines from newcomer nations including China and Algeria.

An expanded tasting program will now offer for the first time organic wines and an expanded version of last year’s new program, Wine’s Best Friends - the pairing of specifically-selected delicatessen foods to match the appro-priate wines will be an-other major attraction for ProWein 2008, which is almost totally booked-out.

A new graphic design and a new Slogan – To Another Great Year –
also underline the ProWein 2008 optimistic view and forward-looking im-age.

Open exclusively to the trade, ProWein 2008 will run from Sunday, March 16th to Tuesday, March 18th, 2008. Considered to be the world’s most im-portant venue for wines and spirits international business, ProWein in Duesseldorf draws more than 32,000 visitors each year from more than 40 countries interfacing with over 3,000 exhibitors from around the globe.

A broad spectrum of activities within the context of ProWein and many ex-tracurricular events include lectures, symposia, tastings, moderated discus-sions, workshops, and meetings as well as impressive evening happenings. This rich, diverse program provides added benefits for all attendees. Also present are many of the world’s most important and charismatic vintners, cellar masters, sommeliers, chefs, journalists as well as manufacturers of fine quality distilled spirits. Also present are producers of all manner of bottle closures, serving accessories, corkscrews, stemware, merchandising items including packaging, wrapping, and gift items. Trade and fan publi-cation publishers are present as well, so too manufacturers of wine storage equipment ranging from simple racks and cabinets to entire, elaborate, temperature-controlled cellars.

ProWein 2008’s Global Overview

With the addition of three further international wine-producing nations making their ProWein debut, ProWein 2008, the Duesseldorf show have gained even greater relevance as the great exporters from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand are joined by emerging nations of Asia as well as the classical European producers, and reviving wine from Eastern Europe, the Near East and Central-western Asia.

Whether buying or selling, ProWein 2008 attendees are in the vortex of in-ternational activity.

Germany continues to be the largest exhibitor followed by Italy, France, Spain and Austria. Debutant nations China, Algeria and Turkey will have communal stands.

The spirits department will present ProWein 2008 visitors a large assort-ment of product. Smaller distillers with fine-crafted offerings of unusual items and unique regional specialties are the focal point.

Following its debut at ProWein 2007, the extraordinary display, Wine’s Best Friends will again be presented highlighting the finely-tuned interplay be-tween exquisite foods and specific wines selections. This will undoubtedly stimulate the trade to augment its offerings to the public by introducing new products and pinpointed serving suggestions.

ProWein 2008’s Tasting Zone To Focus on New Product Trends

One of the primary areas and most important reason for ProWein’s ongoing success if the Central Tasting Zone, a tasting area offering more than a thousand wines which is open to all attendees. It provides a vast initial overview of internationally-sourced products which are relevant to today’s market.

There is no additional charge and every visitor may sample any item on display at his or her leisure throughout the show. This year’s offerings will focus on easily-accessible, finely-structured white wines with moderate al-cohol up to 12%. Red wines, primarily cuvées made from autochthonic or native regional grape varietals, will be the second main theme at ProWein 2008’s main tasting area thus presenting various nations’ traditional wines’ suitability and viability as competitors to well-established international or universal wines .

Also making it debut appearance in the wine tasting area will be 50 or-ganic wines selected in a special tasting competition by the German trade publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT. This new presentation reflects the growing importance of intervention-free, environmentally-sound, ecologically-aware wine making among vintners and consumers.

Given all these new facets and enhanced presentations, ProWein 2008 can assuredly look forward to another great year as the wine and spirit world’s premier site for international trade.