Karl Knauer KG

Prettier Gifts with Gift Packaging Karl Knauer

The common theme for the new range of products from Karl Knauer for the upcoming gift packaging season is to give each present a personal touch.
The wide-ranging portfolio is being supplemented by new motifs. The "Life" series is striking, using elegant blue and cream hues and ornate decorations to create a stylish design. "Trend" features a classic wine motif, while a golden band adorns silver and gold wine motifs in the "Grape" series. Karl Knauer now also provides decorative articles that let customers add a personal touch to their
gift wrapping. Depending on the occasion and personal preferences, stylish ribbons can be combined with decorations to create a variety of gift packaging. The range is rounded off with a selection of elegant wooden packaging, including boxes and cases. In this way, Karl Knauer’s 2007/2008 collection provides the ideal packaging for high-quality gifts, such as wine or specialty foods.