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Press Release Tel Aviv-Munich, 1 February 2010 ProWein begins with an exciting double winetasting: Joint tasting of Israeli and German premium wines

When? Sunday, 21 March 2010, at 10:15
Where? The Israel stand in Hall 6 (6 H 19)
Who? The participating wineries (current status):
Avidan (Judean Mountains), Blankenhorn (Baden), Dalton (Upper Galilee), Galil Mountain (Upper Galilee), Georg Breuer (Rheingau), Golan Heights Winery (Golan Heights), Heymann-Löwenstein (Mosel), Margalit (Upper Galilee), Mosbacher (Pfalz), Recanati (Lower Galilee), Prinz zu Salm-DalbergwschesWeingut (Nahe), Tishbi (Negev), Vitkin (Carmel Mountains), von Racknitz (Nahe)

The German wineries are all partners in the Twin Wineries initiative, launched during ProWein 2008. Matching top wine producers from Germany and Israel create spirited cross-country partnerships.

 learn from each other through educational exchanges and mutual visits
 each partner promotes, in his own country, the wines of his twin through presentations of the twin’s wines at wine events
 and last but not least, foster German-Israeli friendship through lively personal contacts.

An initiative with a bright future
The Twin Wineries initiative is steadily expanding and new partnerships are being concluded. Another prominent German winery, whose name is yet to be disclosed, will join an Israeli winery as a twin and the partnership will most probably be announced and celebrated at ProWein.

Moderated tastings during ProWein
There are ample opportunities during the exhibition to learn about the Israeli wines through informative moderated tastings. Reuven Rubin, a wine instructor and sommelier at the Golan Heights Winery, an ex-Berliner and also fully proficient in German, will introduce the Israeli wines 3 times a day at the Israeli stand.
Time: daily at 10:15, 14:00 and 16:30
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