César Pisano e Hijos S.A.

Pisano leader in exports in 2009 for the 3rd time!!!!!!!

1 time can be the luck
2 times can be the skills
3 Times can only be talent
Pisano wines leaders in export sales.

For 3rd time the Pisano Family was in 2009 the main fine wine exporter, with he 13.58% of the total exports from the wine sector in the country. Pisano began to export the Tannat and Tannat blends about 12 years ago after its first approach in the International Wine Fair held in Bordeaux. “We went to see how it was the businesses and we came back home with 2 orders one for Switzerland and one for Belgium, since them we never stopped” mentioned Fabiana Bracco, export manager at Pisano, mentioning that in the last 6 years sales have duplicated every year.

Present in 40 countries Pisano is also the winery who reaches most countries. Main destinations are EEUU, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela and Germany. Bracco remembers the process: “We had to learn how to sell first the country because no one new it, and then differentiate ourselves from the rest in the Southern Hemisphere, always pointing the quality. It was an ants work ” Pisano customers are mainly the “on trade” in every market, I mean, restaurants, hotels, specialized boutiques stores instead of big supermarkets (the off trade), the ones who buy quality instead of quantity.

“the curious thing was that we have forecasted a decrease in sales for this year”, Bracco confess. The crisis forced Pisano to even cut some trips but they learn how to take advantage of technology and communication means available and they finally closed 2009 with an increase of 10% related to the previous year.