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Parker points for Dveri-Pax wines

In July 2010, the team of Robert Parker tasted along with the known wine journalist Robert Gorjak in London several Slovenian Wineries. Dveri-Pax is very pleased with the report and the Review by Neal Martin.

In his report Martin was completely enchanted with the high quality of Slovenian wines - precisely in comparison with Austrian and Italian ones. He found that the alcohol was at a pleasant level, the wines were overall well balanced with freshness, pleasant acidity and a very homogenous mineral content. Here Neal Martin mentioned in particular the Dveri-Pax Renski Rizling 2008, which he awarded here 92 points. Quote: “...Check out the Renski Rizling 2008 from the excellent Dveri Pax Winery... They are the kind of wines you taste and fight the urge to just run out the door with....:”

Neal Martin tasted the following Deveri-Pax wines and evaluated them as follows:

92 Parker Points for Renski Rizling 2008
90 Parker Points for Sipon Ilovci 2007
88 Parker Points for Sipon 2009
99 Parker Points for Sivi Pinot 2008
87 Parker Points for Janez 2008