Duesseldorf – Visitors to the ProWein 2008 International Wine and Spirits Exhibition to be held at the Duesseldorf Fairgrounds, March 16th – 18th, 2007, who register on line will enjoy saving time, money, and effort. This event is limited to the trade only and registration and authentication are mandatory.

By registering online from January until March 12th, 2008, visitors will receive their name tags and catalogues well in advance of the show’s opening date, Sunday, March 16th, 2008.

By going online at http://www.prowein.de/ visitors can avoid long waits at registration at the Messe-Fairgrounds, be rapidly admitted and take fullest advantage of the day’s bountiful activities without wasting precious time.

Cash Savings & Free Rides

Tickets obtained on line are less expensive than those at the box office. Savings on a single day ticket are 7.00 Euros about US $10, costing only 24 Euros instead of 31 Euros.

The full three-day ticket is just 45 Euros, rather than 53 Euros… yet another
$1.45. Online ticket holders are entitled to free transportation throughout the Rhine-Ruhr Metro Transportation area on all VRR buses, trams, subways and commuter trains for all three ProWein 2008 days. This can save attendees truly large sums, not to mention giving the environment a break.

Another advantage online visitors to ProWein 2008 have are “sneak previews” of who shall be exhibiting. These lists will be available beginning late November 2007. Attendees can already prior to the holidays begin to plan their visit and optimalize their itinerary. Exhibitors’ product lines and relevant information will be online by late January, and the list of lectures, discussions, special events and activities will be posted beginning February 2008.

With careful, advance, online planning trade visitors to ProWein 2008 will be well-prepared to exploit every minute of their visit, making the most of what is considered to be the wine and spirits industry’s most-business-focused trade fair.