Herdade Monte Do Vau, LDA

PRESS_Nederland’s 24.1.2013

RISO represented in the Nederland’s by Bresser & Timmer

Elegant, balance, good acidity, terroir wines, RISO de Sousa Otto & Friends are made in the south of Alentejo, Portugal.

The Estate Herdade do Vau is located in the county of Beja, Quintos civil parish, next to the Guadiana River, this property gets its name VAU because of its location near the river with stone floodplains that once allowed you to cross the river on foot or horseback. The Estate as tourism and oenotourism facilities based on the completely rebuild of the old houses.

It´s a magical place with an extraordinary bio-diversity and a unique Terroir were a small vine, with just 5,5 ha, is carefully and manually growing. Revealing just some options that we did toward the production of great quality wines…
The grape varieties we selected for the red wines: Alfrocheiro, Syrah; Touriga Nacional and Sousão (the last, planted for the very first time in Alentejo). Plantation density is 4000 vines/ha, almost the double of the region practices. The method of conducting the vine is double Guyot where the vegetation is placed on a vertical rising wall that allows there to be a relationship between the exposed surface foliage/weight produce per vine, appropriate for getting grapes to produce superior quality wines.

About the brand, as Miguel de Sousa Otto, (the owner of the Estate), says – “When we chose the name RISO (meaning laugh) for the wine, we wanted to go further than merely choosing a name; we wanted to make a statement! A way of life! Positive, joyous, relentless, sharing, and with a sense of time…

We are now presenting the RISO colheita red 2011, a true rarity, since we only bottled 5.535 – 750ml bottles and 120 magnum 1,5L bottles, (please see the attach).

Bresser & Timmer are the exclusive representative for the Nederland’s