Bodega Gieco Jorge Horacio Devalle

Our winery

Since we started our family project, we have been making our wines at the “Don Bosco winery”.  We are now building our own winery right in the middle of our vineyard.  

We are very keen to construct our winery in a way that makes the entire wine production process more sustainable:

Energy efficiency
The winery is in part built underground. This helps keeping the temperature constant in the cellar where the wine is produced and stored, thereby consuming less energy and at the same time helping at the winemaking process. We also want to help the environment by using solar panels for electricity and hot water.

Landscape protection
Our aim is to keep the impact on the landscape as small as possible. This is why we have decided to build a mayor part of the winery underground. The winery will have a green roof that covers most of the building providing a natural insulation against the summer heat thereby lowering energy consumption. The green roof will also make the winery merge into the landscape.  

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