On the way to the premiere class - Pinot Noirs from Germany

Photo: Steep slopes in the region Ahr
Photo: The village Altenahr
Photo: Growing area Marienthaler Trutzenburg
Photo: Winegrower Werner Näkel
Photo: Autumn in the region Ahr
Photo: Slopes with different grape varieties
Photo: Convent (Kloster) Marienthal
Photo: Wine cellar Convent (Kloster) Marienthal
Photo: Old keg in the Convent (Kloster) Marienthal
Photo: Pruning of vines

Small, but at its finest

Photo: The village Oderbergen

With knowledge to a miracle

Photo: Wine cellar in the region Ahr

Changed cultivation, changed climate

Photo: Vineyards

New horizons for unknown wine

Photo: The city Baden next to Lake Constance
Photo: The mountain range Kaiserstuhl
Photo: Picnic at the Kaiserstuhl
Photo: Kaiserstuhl terrace
Photo: Volcanic rock at Kaiserstuhl
Photo: The city of Heidelberg
Photo: Cellar
Photo: The village Oderbergen

“Duitsland (Germany) is hot“