La Tordera S.S. di Vettoretti Pietro e Figli


OTreval is a rarity in the world of Prosecco.  If Prosecco DOC is considered a slightly sweet and general crowd-pleaser aperitif; Valdobbiadene is considered a more elegant and refined interpretation; then OTreval is meant to be the interpretation of one single vineyard- the “Rive di Guia”. 

Oltreval is a 60 year-old vineyard in the highest slopes of Valdobbiadene.  This narrow and wild valley over 300 meters above sea level garantees the greatest temperature excursions in the area and gives wines of great acidity and clarity.  The sandstone soils are rich in marine fossils and highlight the ancient origins of a seabed.

The grapes harvested from Otreval ripen late and with high sugar content and higher than average in acidity and sapidity.  The vineyard is vinified seperately and the secondary fermentation in autoclave lasts 6 weeks and no residual sugar is left in the wine.  Upon completion, the wine is left to settle on the lees for three months.  

OTreval is meant to be another expression of Valdobbiadene.   The wine has more structure; more freshness; more savory than our other wines.  While it can certainly be an aperitif for the most refined of palate’s, it is also an excellent wine to pair with fried food or with simple fish dishes. 

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