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Noah reloaded – When Christian Arabs produce kosher wine

Leipzig, Tel Aviv, 15. February 2012: Even if Noah was the first known wine producer and grapes are listed as one of the seven blessed fruits in the fifth book of Moses, there is no use relying on tradition when everything revolves around success in the future and the resent. This lesson has been well learned in Israel. For many years the kosher wine produced in the Holy Land was deemed good enough for religious purposes but was seldom good enough for the high quality requirements of the global wine industry. However, that has all changed. Over the past decade Israel has undergone a profound technological revolution as a wine-growing country. As a result, not only did the quality of the wine improve markedly but so did its global image. By introducing ultra-modern
technologies and by building modern vines that are suited to the Mediterranean terroir, the Israeli wine-growers have managed to combine thousands of years of tradition with the possibilities of modern wine production. Today the country presents itself as a new world wine-
producing country located in the heart of the oldest wine-growing region on Earth. Many small and medium wineries that were only founded in the
past decade have made a significant contribution to the success of the new Israel. Some of them are also represented at the communal Israel stand at ProWein 2012 in Düsseldorf (Hall 6/Stand H20).

Mony Vineyard will be at ProWein for the first time. The vineyard was founded in the year 2000 by three brothers of the Christian-Arab family Artul and they produce kosher wine in an old monastery. What first sounds like a paradox is actually very symbolic of the possibilities that modern Israeli wine production has to offer. A family
of wine-growers rented the vineyards belonging to the Dir Rafat monastery and opened an independent winery in the grounds. After a few years of experimentation they started producing kosher wine in 2005. Sam Soroka has been on board since 2009. After stints in Australia, the USA, France and Canada, this Canadian Jewish wine-grower worked for many years for the largest Israeli winery Carmel and is seen as one of the country’s most experienced wine -growers. With his help Mony Winery achieved international success and currently produces 250,000 bottles per year.

Adir Winery is a family owned and operated winery located in the heart of the Upper Galilee. Combining four decades of agricultural experience, professional winemaking expertise and a spirit of grandeur, Adir wines are made with grapes grown in the Kerem Ben Zimra vineyards. Benefiting from a perfect combination of fine lands and climatic conditions, these wines are well known for their superior quality and taste. Since its establishment in 2003, Adir has always maintained the highest standards of winemaking, gaining its position as an award winning Israeli winery and producing some of the country’s most outstanding series. The production is 80.000 bottles a year. www.adir-winery.co.il

Tulip Winery is a family-owned and very young boutique winery that started only in 2003, but since then grew a lot, and became one of the leading wineries in Israel. Tulip Winery is located inside a village named Kfar Tikva, which means- "village of hope". Kfar Tikva is a residential community, where a person with special needs and disabilities can develop and realize their capabilities. Kfar Tikva has about 200 members and is diverse in age, nature of disability, adjustment difficulties, functioning and independence level. Tulip Winery fits the vision of Kfar Tikva by employing its members in the wine production process while encouraging involvement in the community and promoting joint activities such as sale of handicrafts work of the village members and more. The members that work in the winery take part in the harvest, bottling and packaging of the wines, and assist in hosting at the winery's visitor center. The production is 120.000 bottles a year.

Vitkin Winery was established in 2001 by Doron and Sharona Paz-Belogolovsky and Asaf Paz, Oenologist and Bordeaux graduate. The trio has made Vitkin into one of the most fascinating wineries in Israel today. Vitkin specializes in producing unique
and original Israeli wines using varietals such as Carignan, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Viognier as well as special, unique blends. The winery grows its grapes in selected vineyards throughout Israel, where both Doron and Asaf are personally involved in all vine-growing stages. The range of varieties and vineyard locations enable Vitkin to extend the harvesting season over three months. Production is 60.000 bottles a year.

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