Les Vignerons D'Aghione

Moscatu Frizzante Casanova white and rosé

The grape "Muscat d'Alexandrie" is called Moscatu in Corsican language
Grapes are growing on argilo Calcareous soil. This Frizzante is elaborated from fresh grapes according to
traditional methods. Bubles are entirely natural without any additional gaz in order to preserve aromas of grapes
Bubles are fine, intense and long in mouth which show the high quality of the wine The dress is yellow with green highlight, the nose is powerfull with beautifull notes of white flowers and exotic fruits,
the mouth offer also very rich aromas.
Sweet, fresh and very aromatic , this wine is ideal to drink as
aperitive or with fruity deserts

ANALYTIC PROFILE : AC 6°5, suggar 75 g/L,
Total acidiy = 3.6 g/LH2SO4, Volatile acidity < 0.10 g/L H2SO4, pH = 3.25, pressure : 2.6kg