Monteci - Azienda Vitivinicola Righetti Srl.

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The Monteci company produces its wines in two cellars: The first is at Fumane in the heart classic Valpolicella where tradition blends with technology for the vinification of the great wines that this generous soil has been providing us with down the centuries and that, with experience, Monteci has been able to interpret and bring to its finest expression; and the second at Arcè with leading-edge technologies that do however respect traditional systems of wine production and refinement. Recently, as a matter of fact, the latter has been extended and fitted with all the latest innovations; it is possible to monitor all the tanks and vinifiers in terms of their temperature so as to be able to check fermentation activity continuously. Recently built is also the wine barrel storage area , the refinement room where vats and French and Slavonic barrique casks stand in which all the great Amarone, Recioto and Ripasso wines produced in previous years rest and mature.
Finally it is at Marano, another historical village in the Classic Valpollicella area where one finds the larder for the raisining of grapes equipped with a temperature and humidity control system to safeguard the bunches of grapes in the long and delicate raisining stage.