Moldova Wine Guild

Moldova – a virtually unrecognized wine-producing country...

Milestii Mici

...but with a millennial winemaking tradition is treasuring its wine such that it has build for it special “Taj-Mahal” monuments - enormous underground caves with perfect humidity, temperature and storing capacities for the ageing, and storage of its wines.

Being covered by the ocean some eras ago, Moldova is the land of hills, with land on calcare, with sand and argile, but surrounded by black chernozem on the plains- ideal terroir for winemaking, situated on the same parallel than most excellent European wine regions. But, bellow vineyards, at 40 -60 meters underground there are stored enough wine bottles to supply every inhabitant from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt.

The famous and unique wine cellars in the world have been built by Moldovans, after the second world war – Cricova and Milestii Mici, each having galleries of about 80 km.

Milestii Mici houses the world’s largest wine collection in its cellars, according to Guinness World Records, but nearby Cricova Wine Cellars is the jewelry of the Moldovan wine sector, visited by all world leaders and stars, from Yuri Gagarin to Vladimir Putin, and in last December by United States’ secretary John Kerry, who revealed at Cricova the Wine of Moldova logo to the world.

Besides these two underground wine cities, there are other several beautiful wine cellars owned by wine producers, and besides this, each true Moldovan family owns its wine cellar.

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