Lauffener Weingärtner eG

Marian Kopp appointed new CEO at Lauffener Weingärtner eG

Marian Kopp

Marian Kopp joins Lauffener Weingärtner, Germany as CEO / Managing Director Marian

Kopp has been recruited by Lauffener Weingärtner (Germany), the leading premium wine cooperative in Württemberg effective February 1, 2014 to take the helm as its President / Managing Director. His previous executive positions were with Reichsrat von Buhl Estate, VDP (Germany), Deutsches Weintor cooperative (Germany) the Racke Group (The Donum Estate, USA). Kopp was also Golden Kaan wines’ founding president (South Africa). Kopp holds a degree in Business Administration of Frankfurt/Main University and is a member of ROTARY International. He lectures on wine marketing at France’s prestigious Bordeaux Business School.

About Lauffener Weingärtner eG (Germany)

The Lauffener Weingärtner eG (cooperative) comprises of 870 ha (approx. 2,150 acres) of member vineyards and 1170 shareholders/members. The turnover 2012 was 22,7 Mill. Euro (approx. 32 Mill. US-$) and is the largest independent cooperative in the winegrowing region of Württemberg/Germany. The “Lauffener Katzenbeißer” is one of Germany's largest single vineyard designated wine brands. About 106 ha (260 acres) of its vineyards are steep slopes, and the Lauffen cooperative is one of the largest terraced vineyards operators in Württemberg. Core grape varieties planted are Schwarzriesling (Pinot Meunier), Trollinger, Samtrot, Lemberger, Riesling and Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris). Its quality wines have been awarded with several accolades, such as DLG, Berliner Wein Trophy, Mundus Vini und Selection Gold awards and was the winner of the 2012 European VINUM wine cooperatives contest.

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