Maison Sichel

Maison Sichel builds new cellerage facility

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Bordeaux-based producer and shipper, Maison Sichel has invested in a new cellarage facility for fine wine at its storage and bottling facility, SICSOE, in Bordeaux.

The wine safe or “bunker”, as it’s known, ensures a top-security storage environment, specially designed and equipped for the long-term cellaring of Grands Crus Classés and fine Bordeaux, equal to those at the producing properties. The facility has been completed after five years planning and at a cost of €10m.

6 million bottles can be housed at any one time on racks rising to 8 metres in the concrete and metal-shielded curved vault, designed by Libourne architect, Eric Castagnet. On-site and external surveillance, as well as a sophisticated sprinkler system assures the security of the wines, while temperature, light and humidity are kept at the optimum for cellarage.

The new bunker has virtually doubled the surface area of SICSOE (Sichel Sud Ouest Embouteillage), which is in fact a subsidiary of Maison Sichel. 60% of the wines it handles are from other Bordeaux wine merchants and the new fine wine cellarage service is also available to outside companies on a per case / per month basis.

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