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Lindemans - The one purpose of wine is to bring happiness

The story of one the oldest wineries in Australia begins in 1843 in Hunter Valley, New South Wales: Dr. Henry Lindeman planted the first grape varieties on his property in Cawarra. Already in 1858, the Cawarra wines went on a journey to Europe. Today, the wines of Lindemans are known for their high quality worldwide, underlined by many national and international awards every year.
From the outset Henry Lindeman's winemaking philosophy was to craft wines for everyday enjoyment. From the fine glaze of Bin 65 Chardonnay over to the very fruity aroma of Bin 50 Shiraz, Lindemans provides a range that can be characterized by its very aromatic, fruit driven wines with soft tannins.

Lindemans Wine Philosophy
• Lindemans has a reputation for award-winning quality wines since 1843.
• Create happiness every day with Lindemans at the heart of special everyday moments.
• Lindemans wines are charming, light hearted, personal, assured, engaging, and accessible.

• 2008 BIN 40 Merlot, Berlin Wines 2010, Germany, Gold
• 2008 BIN 50 Shiraz, Mundus Vini, Germany, Best dry red wine overseas on trade below 7 Euro
• BIN 50 Shiraz, Mundus Vini, Germany, Silver
• 2005 Reserve Chardonnay, Mundus Vini, Germany, Silver
• 2005 BIN 40 Merlot, Mundus Vini, Germany, Silver
• 2006 BIN 45 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mundus Vini, Germany, Silver
• 2006 BIN 50 Shiraz, Mundus Vini, Germany, Silver
• 2006 BIN 65 Chardonnay, Mundus Vini, Germany, Gold
• 2006 BIN 65 Chardonnay, Mundus Vini, Germany, Best Dry White German Supermarket Wine below 7 Euro
• 2006 Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet , Mundus Vini, Germany, very good

The wine range

The Cawarra wines hold a special significance for Lindemans, as they were the first range of wines produced by Dr. Henry Lindeman and are named after his historic homestead, Cawarra, near Gresford in New South Wales. Today their fruity flavour continues to appeal to people around the world, with over one million bottles enjoyed every month of the year.

BIN Series
The hallmark of Lindemans BIN range of wines is outstanding consistency of quality, vintage after vintage. These skilfully blended wines are the heart and soul of Lindemans with more than one million bottles enjoyed by people throughout the world, every week of the year.

Reserve Label
Lindemans winemakers skilfully and expertly blend premium wine parcels from Australia’s most premium wine regions to craft the Lindemans Reserve Label wines. These wines offer outstanding quality and value for money.

Coonawarra Trio
The Lindemans Coonawarra Trio is the ultimate expression of Lindemans winemaking skills and represents the pinnacle of the Lindemans brand. These three landmark wines are crafted in a traditional style that remains faithful to Dr. Henry Lindeman's impeccable winemaking principles and to over 150 years of winemaking experience. Individually each wine is a distinguished example of its particular varietal, while collectively they are a unique range that illustrates the Coonawarra region’s ability to produce some of Australia's greatest red wines.

Premier Selection
This range is exclusively produced for the hospitality industry with a range of easy-drinking, popular wine styles to suit every taste. In the true Lindemans style, the wines are fruit-driven and varietally expressive offering consumers everyday enjoyment.