Editions Jean Lenoir

Launch of Le Nez du Whisky 54 aromas

Éditions Jean Lenoir have the pleasure of announcing the launch of their new kit, Le Nez du Whisky 54 aromas.

Presented in a beautiful case sit 54 of the most commonly found aromas in the world’s finest Whiskies. A comprehensive and richly illustrated book provides advice and insight tasting of whiskies from Scotland and from other parts of the world.

Jean Lenoir, inventor of Le Nez du Vin and Le Nez du Café, has been acknowledged for 30 years for his groundbreaking work on tasting and olfaction. He recruited experts to ensure a suitably rigorous approach to the scientific, cultural and sensorial aspects of the book: Hubert Richard, honorary professor of ENSIA - L'École Nationale Supérieure des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires (chemistry of natural substances, Head of the Aromas Laboratory), Karine Lassalle, our in-house aromatician, Charles MacLean, one of the world's most accomplished whisky historians and taster, and Martine Nouet, writer and journalist specialised in gastronomy and spirits.

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