Quinta do Monte D'Oiro



When 3 of the most interesting and exciting projects from the Lisbon region in Portugal get together, it has to be for a good reason: they have in common their approach to winemaking and a strong will to get closer to worldwide consumers sharing their passion and knowledge of the region.

The 3 families are friends and want to spread even more the word about Lisbon: its specificity, its richness and complexity, its history and modernity.

Because together they are stronger, the 3 estates believe they have much more to offer by working in this way.

• They all produce gastronomic friendly wines whose quality is constantly certified by national and international awards;

• They are all family businesses producing handcrafted wines that highlight their specific terroir in all their wines, at all price-points levels;

• They all offer the possibility to Lisbon tourists to visit their estates, taste the wines and, in some cases, stay over for the night and enjoy the views!

THE LISBON REGION Located between 30 and 50km up north of the Portuguese capital, the 3 estates are located in the Lisbon region (previously called Estremadura) and all benefit from a strong Atlantic influence: high thermal amplitude, morning humidity dried by the soft winds from the sea - the wines have slow maturations and a natural freshness and minerality. The soils are mainly made of clay and limestone.


QUINTA DE CHOCAPALHA is owned by the Tavares da Silva family (Swiss/Portuguese). Sandra, who is known internationally primarily for her Douro projects (Wine & Soul, Quinta do Vale D. Maria/Douro Boys) is also the winemaker of the Lisbon Estate and has always claimed the various advantages of producing wines in that region.

QUINTA DE SANT'ANA, the old property of the German Gustav von Fürstenberg, now owned and run by James and Ann Frost (Gustav's daughter). They live and work on the estate with their seven boys! Mixing international and Portuguese grapes, their wines have a lot of personality. The Estate has great tourism facilities too and really benefits from being so close to the Portuguese

QUINTA DO MONTE D'OIRO is owned by José Bento do Santos (passionate about food, he's the Deputy chairman of the International Academy of Gastronomy) and he now has the good fortune to have Francisco (José's son) working alongside him to embrace the project. Grégory Viennois (former chief-winemaker at M. Chapoutier) is supervising the winemaking team. Together they are working according to 100% organic farming procedures that enhance the natural elegance of the wines even further

For more information, to receive a more complete presentation about their company or simply to book a meeting, please contact: Sophie Mrejen - smrejen@quintadomontedoiro.com

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