Les Vignerons D'Aghione


Taste a new way, drink KIWICRU!
The Wealthy, tasty and unique low alcohol drink

Kiwicru is a very new and unique blend of natural fermented Kiwi
and Vermentinu grapes. It is made from fresh kiwi cultivated on selected plots of land. Those argilo-calcareous plots are situated
on the eastcoast first hillside, facing the Mediterranean sea.
This wine has a bright and limpid golden colour with green highlights,
a pure and expressive nose with of mineral notes
such as, apricots and kiwi aromas,
The mouth is a concentrate of opulent fruit, with a refreshing
character well balanced with a bright acidity, and a ong finish.

A fresh and aromatic white wine for aperitive.

Process and behaviour in KIWICRU production contribute to protection of our natural environment