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Israeli winemakers at ProWein 2010 - Personal and full of character

For the third consecutive year Israeli wineries are presenting in a joint stand in Hall 6, H19. Eight top wineries, from large producers to small, fine “Boutique” wineries, introduce their wines through personal conversations and many moderated tastings.

Israeli wines are at the cross point between the Old and the New World: unmistakably marked by the southern sun, they remind one of New World wines, while their depth and minerality lend them a European character.

But Israel represents the Old and the New World also in the sense of being among the oldest wine-producing regions of the world, looking back at five-thousand years of wine-growing, while as a quality producer it is considered a young, dynamic and modern wine-making country. The founding of the Golan Heights Winery in the 1980’s, followed later by many “Boutique” wineries, laid the corner stone for Israel’s present status as a producer of outstanding, personal and internationally recognized wines.

Year after year the number of independent small wineries is growing, as well as the quality and diversity of the Israeli wines. The Israeli winemakers have received in recent years confirmation of their direction in wine-making through many international awards.

A tradition-rich wine country is about to develop a new identity – an exciting adventure you should not miss!

The participating wineries are: Avidan Winery, Dalton Winery, Galil Mountain Winery, Golan Heights Winery, Margalit Winery, Recanati Winery, Tishbi Estate Winery and Vitkin Winery.