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Israel at ProWein 2010 An ancient wine country seeking its identity – an exciting adventure you should not miss!

Did you know that a member of the most famous wine dynasty in the world, the Rothschilds, laid the foundation for the Israeli wine viticulture of today?
As early as 1882, Edmond James de Rothschild acquired plots of land south of Haifa and planted vineyards. Admittedly though, wine quality as we understand it today, was not in the forefront but rather the supply of kosher wine to the Jewish community for religious ceremonies.
Did you know that Israel, one of the oldest wine regions of the world, is today among the most rapidly developing wine countries?
Only one hundred years after Rothschild planted the first vines, a few Israeli winemakers in their newly-founded “Boutique” wineries started to bring quality and pleasure of the wine to the forefront and subsequently to seek international standards. Since the 1980’s wine country Israel took a major leap forward. This resulted in recent years that Israeli wines were often awarded medals and high notes by international critics.
Did you know that the tiny country in the near orient features a huge diversity of climates and landscape formations that is reflected also in its wines?
Up in the north, the limestone-marked mountain range of the Upper Galilee, vines grow at altitudes of up to 800 meter and night temperatures drop dramatically. Yet this very climate contributes to the pleasant acidity and finesse in the wines. West of Jerusalem, the Judean Mountains, with their diversity of terroirs in altitudes of up to 600 meter, is home to some ambitious boutique wineries. And down south is the Negev desert with the meager soil and cold nights. A terroir diversity that you can taste!
Did you know that in Israel by no means only kosher wine is produced?
Wine used in Judaism for sacramental purposes must be kosher and its production is subject to rabbinical supervision. It is crucial that from the pressing of the grapes and up to the bottling of the wine only strictly religious Jews are allowed to have any contact with the wine and the equipment. Some boutique wineries forgo this tedious effort – and with it the kosher certificate. For them, only the quality of the wine is sacred!

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