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Israel – A small country that makes great wine

Leipzig, Tel Aviv, 10. February 2012: If you want to get to know Israel’s wine culture you will have to go on ajourney through a small but diverse country. Israel’s vineyards are spread out over just 5000 hectares of cultivated land, divided into five regions. There is Galilee in the north, Shomron, Samson and the Judean Hills in the centre and the Negev desert in the south. Over 200 Israeli wineries produce more than
36 million bottles of wine per year under varying climatic and geographical conditions. Nine distinguished Israel wineries will be
present at ProWein 2012 in Düsseldorf (Hall 6, Stand H20).

In Israel, optimal vineyard conditions exist in the Golan Heights. In the Golan, a combination of volcanic basaltic soil, suitable topography, and a high altitude that creates a cool climate are what give the Golan Heights its second name: Israel’s
Wine Country. Since its foundation in 1983, the Golan Heights Winery has
produced three internationally recognized brands – Yarden, Gamla and Golan. Over the years, the distinctive wines the Golan Heights Winery have become world-renowned, winning dozens of awards at international competitions. With a
clever mixture of high-quality grapes, traditional cultivation techniques, modern technologies and the international experience of wine grower Viktor Schoenfeld, the winery has become one of the country’s leading wine producers. The six
million bottles that are produced every year are sold all over the world.

A second project of the Golan Heights Winery is the joint venture Galil Mountain Winery with Kibbutz Yiron. Grapes are harvested exclusively from vineyards located throughout the Upper Galilee mountain range, considered one of Israel's best wine regions. At an elevation of up to 700 m, thin top soil with predominant
limestone yields distinct and mineral wines. Managed by Mr. Uri Tyroler, the
winery’s professional staff is led by head winemaker Micha Vaadia. Galil Mountain produces about 1 million bottles. The labels Yiron, Meron and Avivim are successfully marketed all over the world. www.galilmountain.co.il

The Teperberg 1870 vision is to stand among the leaders of Israel’s wine
culture. The winery is transforming this vision into reality with winemaking
expertise passed down through six Teperberg generations and a strong passion for wine. The winery remains at the forefront of technology and is powered by a steadfast commitment to innovation. As Israel’s fourth largest winery, Teperberg 1870 exports world-class wines to more than 22 countries worldwide. The wines in
Teperberg 1870’s new series are highly acclaimed by wine enthusiasts and have received numerous prestigious international awards. The winery is increasing its production to 7 million bottles a year. www.teperberg1870.co.il

The Binyamina Winery was purchased in 2008 by a group of private investors, owners of one of the biggest and most successful marketing chain who recognized the winery’s inherent and growing potential and identified with the winery’s vision to becoming a leader in Israel’s wine sector. Since then the new owners have invested unstintingly in the winery’s vineyards, premises, equipment and human
capital. In addition to the brands The Chosen, Yogey, Teva, Kramim und
Binyamina Reserve, wine grower Sasson Ben Aharon introduced his latest creation
Bin last year. The production is 2,8 million bottles a year.

The story of Recanati Winery began with Lenny Recanati’s strong bond with the Land of Israel coupled with his deep passion for fine wine – a passion that has its source in his family’s Italian heritage. Recanati Winery obtains most of its grapes from the Upper Galilee, where Israel’s finest high-altitude vineyards are located.
The area’s warm days and contrastingly cool nights, together with chalky and gravelly soil conditions, create an ideal environment in which classic varieties are nurtured. Recanati Winery aims to create an elegant Israeli wine, which reflects Israel’s perfect grape growing conditions. Winemaker Gil Shatsberg and his team produce 750.000 bottles a years. www.recanati-winery.com

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