Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini

International Competition of Wines for Fish

Gold Award
The International Competition of Wines for Fish allows wine producers a real tool for communicating with consumers in their decision making process.

The International Competition of Wines for Fish is now at its second edition although in truth, the competition has existed for many years. The “Selezione Vini da Pesce” was created in the 1960s in the Marche region of central Italy. On the Adriatic coast the Marches’ traditional cuisine is fish based and most of its wine production is white wines. These two elements were the start of the competition which for 12 editions was only open to Italian wines. As the years passed, sparkling and rose wines were allowed to enter and in 2012, the competition was opened up to International wines and the name changed to the “International Competition of Wines for Fish”.
In 2012 in fact, many of the medals were awarded to wineries from outside Italy including Germany, Slovenia and Portugal. Of these medal winners, many can be found at this year’s edition of Prowein. International. The IMT stand located in Hall 3, Stand J18 will be showcasing a number of the local Vini da Pesce prize-winning wines with 9 wineries present that won either medals or the “Diploma of Merit” at last year’s competition.
As is tradition, the 2013 edition will see the competition grow and develop. This year’s medal winners will have the chance to have stickers printed to attach to their bottles providing consumers with a clear instrument for choosing wines for fish-based dishes. IMT will also be organizing a series of promotional events giving medal and diploma of merit winning wines even more visibility.
For further information about the competition and pre-registration forms, please see our website www.vinidapesce.it