Weingut Andres

Incredibly: The new brand wine line of the vineyard Andres from Speyer village

Incredibly in character and optics

In 2009 Jung's winegrower Jürgen Andre from Speyer village was distinguished for the best mulled wine of Germany. His name went by all media.
On basis of this wine expert's assessment the Jung's winegrower developed a striking brand wine line which extends the classical assortment by a new, unique mark in the midst of the Palatinate.

The new line trät the name INCREDIBLY. Thus she is in character and optics.

With a lot of diligence and patience the wine doer makes the best from his shoots. He spends a lot of time outdoors, he observes the growth of his plants very exactly and brings to bear with exact foliage cut, careful soil tillage this what his grounds have to offer. Later in the cellar he lends to his wines the last grinding, before they come on the bottle.

Thus the new Cult line appeals to the wine lovers who want to discover new facets and marks of a Rebsorte beyond the established virtues.
„Beside him fruity, fresh exotics under the Rebsorten the tradition, a mineral Silvaner, the new line,“ completes thus Jürgens Andres.

The label is reduced to 4 components: Year, kind, logo of the vineyard Andres and just the trade names. The trade name is emphasised INCREDIBLY on the label by a varnish effect and a nice writing to make clear the uniqueness of the wines. Otherwise the optics in your appearance remain straight. „The wines are expression-strong, equipped with full aroma and harmonious body“, according to the Jung's winegrower.

The unique wine line translates the tradition of the vineyard Andres into a modern, young address for new and old wine lovers with the palatal desire in the experimentation. This taste experience is cut with it perfectly on the specialised trade and the catering trade.