Here's the Zio Baffa! ...the film Bella Vita in a glass.

There are moments you would like to never end. This was for all over the time of filming Bella Vita. Movie where there were no actors but real people. A trip to Italy staying with Tuscan friends, the desire to search for the own roots, intimate philosophy of surf, the value of sharing, conviviality of good food and the unique landscape.

The patience to wait for the wave that in this country is granted only sparingly but that makes you doubly happy when you find it. It's a physical and inner journey the one of Chris that meets his roots in every sense including those that lie in the land of the Poggio al Casone hills. This wine estate in fact become the home of the whole crew for the entire duration of the shooting, and also a natural character in the movie. Animated more than ever by the harvest is in fact a whole multitude of harvesting hands, of grapes that fall as the days flow scanned by the sound of scissors. Also memorable the moments all together around the table, delicious dinners accompanied by festive and "outspoken" toast. It's so that, in passing these unforgettable days, the director Jason Baffa is affectionately nicknamed Zio Baffa (Uncle Baffa).

Then the film Bella Vita has been patiently watched, cut, assembled, finally comes out and is a real revelation. Follow many events, presentations, festival, which reaffirmed the success of this project so special and suggestive.

Meanwhile the grapes from that collection have finally run their course. The wine is ready, or rather, that wine is ready.
"Guys, what we do?" Follows a glance of collective understanding. The occasion has to be seized.
You just need to find a name and you're done! Zio Baffa, even if on purpose, was adopted unanimously.

There are moments you would like to never end. In fact, now they can continue. Just uncork the bottle Zio Baffa especially with the innovative cap helix, to enjoy a special organic wine, a true journey of sensations. Yes, the one inaugurated by our crew with Bella Vita. And now it can be ideally tasted and shared with those who recognize themselves in the philosophy of our project.

The brand ZioBaffa includes both the red Toscana Igt and the Pinot Grigio Igt.


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