Germany: Young Winegrowers take the Lead

The German wine-growing scene is on the move. This is evident also in the many associations of young winegrowers. After years ago talents such as Hansjörg Rebholz / Palatinate, Ernst Loosen / Moselle, Thomas Haag / Moselle, Wilhelm Weil / Rheingau, Peter Jakob Kühn / Rheingau, Andreas and Bernd Spreitzer / Rheingau, Johannes Leitz / Rheingau, Philipp Wittmann / Rhine-Hesse, Klaus-Peter Keller / Rhine-Hesse, Reinhard Löwenstein / Moselle infused some pizzazz into many companies, the next generation is now stepping up to the plate with clever marketing ideas. “Uncomplicated enjoyment“ and “exchange of ideas“ is the motto that many vinophiles live by. “Message in a bottle“, “Nahe Talente“ (Talents from the Nahe region), “SüdpfalzConneXion“ (Southern Palatinate Connexion), “Leiwener Jungwinzer“ (Young Winegrowers of Leiwen) und “Junges Schwaben“ (Young Swabia) are some of the names of the youngsters’ associations. This new generation, which includes for example ProWein exhibitors Markus Schneider (“Junge Wilde“ – The Young, Wild Ones) and Philipp Kuhn from Palatinate, Daniel Wagner, Caroline Gillot, Philipp Wittmann from Rhine-Hesse (“Message in the bottle“) or Sven Ellwanger (“Junges Schwaben“), is a strong representation of the young German winegrowers at ProWein 2006 that are asserting themselves next to the renowned estates from the 13 German growing regions.