Georgian Wine Association

Georgia: The Land of 8,000 Vintages

Georgians have been making wine for 8,000 years, cultivated grape pips found inside of qvevri (clay vessels that are buried entirely under the ground, used for fermentation and storage of wine) have been dated back to 6,000 BC. Perhaps the most remarkable part of Georgia’s wine culture is not only that Georgia gave birth to wine but that today it is a living part of cultural heritage being the pulse and heart of the country. Georgia has the greatest bio-diversity in the world, of grape varieties, 525 have been catalogued in total. The symbolic power of the vine predates the Christian era, the symbol of the vine ornates churches, is present in chants, and adorned illuminated manuscripts. Georgia was Christianized by St. Nino in the first quarter of the 4th C, the cross she was carrying was made of grapevine. For Georgians wine is not a beverage it is an intrinsic part of culture.