Tenute Galfano Srl.

Galfano, Sicilian niche of quality

“Trust your dreams. In them it’s the way towards the eternity” Kahlil Gibran

Duesseldorf, 23-25 March 2013. Galfano is a Sicilian winery located in Marsala. The Galfano, land owners for 2 centuries, decided in the 90’s to build the family winery in Marsala. Initially run by Giuseppe and his son Giovanni, unfortunately died few years ago, today the company is run by Alessandra Galfano and her husband Fabrizio, who carefully care the work started by Giovanni. It’s been more a love choice than a business decision. We believe that the decisions driven by the heart give the best results, because they are due to the passion, the memories and the happiness...

The philosophy is to produce ”excellent wines, in very few volumes”.

Passion and happiness of the Galfano can be found in their wines, made with selected grapes coming for the family’s vineyard. The winery proposes only varietal wines and respects the traditional method, in the respect of the terroir and the nature. They don’t add yeasts to guaranty the best naturality of the wines.

The Vineyard is made up of 50 hectars, located in Marsala, Salemi and Val di Marzara and produces 70.000/80.000 bottles per year. The ground, different in terms of composition, altitude, temperature and age of the plants exhault the topics of the varietal vines: the white wines are very mineral, complex and has a floreal intensity. The red are full-bodied and round.

The Nero d’Avola and the great whites as Grillo, Catarratto, Moscato and Zibibbo are produced in 10 hectars with plants of 40 years. They give aromatic and mineral wines.. They produce only 35 tonnes per hectar and the old plants give special, intense parfumes .

Galfano and Giuvà, due different lines to satisfy every exigence

GALFANO. Made up of fresh, fruity wines with a good structure and limited alcoholic content, they express the freshness and the intensity of the Sicilian parfumes.

GIUVA’. Top range, dedicated to the brother Giovanni by Alessandra, is made up of structured, round wines, with vanilla scent. They are produced in the best vintages only, in very small quantities. They are long lasting.

The wines take the name by the 3 modern heros, who left their certainties in Torino to follow Giovanni’s dream

Alessà: this is 100% nero d’avola and underlines the decided personality and the structure. Quite as Alessandra, decided and authentic.

Fabbrì: the zibibbo is intense, fruity and has spicy notes. Generous as Fabrizio, it becomes better and better over the years.

Carlotta: sweet as Carlotta, the sweet wine Giuvà has a late maturation and the grapes is dried in the vineyard. . It is produced with very old plants.

Fabrizio waits for you in Dusseldorf in the hall 3 boot M stand 11 (EM11) from 23th of March.

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