Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi SRL


Casa delle Colonne is our ancient family house where we spent our youth with our parents, friends, culture and…good food! Our father started in the thirties his experience of viticulturist as a way to relax ,because he whas an architect-engineer specialised in dams and waterworks, many of which still carry his name in our Lombardy region.. In the old Casa delle Colonne, the long cypress path begins and ends with columns, and this is why we gave this name at this wine: we spent the wartime here surrounded with fantastic people, in the kitchen and in the garden, because Brescia was a dangerous town to remain in. Mamma played Chopin on the piano and introduced us to the priceless gift of music: it was cold and snowing, we only had fireplaces and some clay stoves, but the spirit and the mood of the family was always so warm and…excellent! With this wine we want to pay an homage to our parents, both exceptionally talented, from work to music, from garden to art and this is why shall never forget, and we gave to Casa delle Colonne our message of gratitude.
“Casa delle Colonne” is our family’s villa in Borgonato, which was an integral part of our youth and maturity close to our parents.

Geographic location of the vineyard
the vineyards “Mandola” and “Tre Camini” situated in Borgonato and Torbiato.

mature grapes only of Chardonnay 90% and Pinot Nero 10%

Organoleptic examination
Alcohol: 13 Vol. %
Reducing Sugars: 2 g/l
Perlage: extremely small, delicate and persistent.
Colour: reflex of golden yellow.
Bouquet: rich, brisk and fresh with some fields essence.
Taste: evolved, balanced and spicy aftertaste, toasted almond on the background.

Number of bottles