Exhibitor testimonials ProWein 2017

Photo: Gustavo Ortega-Oyarzun
Gustavo Ortega-Oyarzun, Beveland, Spain:
„Of course we are part of ProWein! We want to show the industry a lot of new tastes and we focus on the old spirit of Mexico „Mezcal“ - It is getting more famous since the last 5 years in Europe,“ he explained. Mezcal is already very famous in Mexico, but more bartenders all over the world recognize Mezcal as an alternative to Tequila. There are more than 100 flavours depending on the destination of origin or the cooking process.
Photo: Mimi Suvisooth Lohitnavy
Mimi Suvisooth Lohitnavy, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Asian Wine Production Association and Ravi Gurnani, CEO & Managing Director, Thailand:
"We are here for the first time to promote Asian wine. Our association ist still very young," they told. Three years are gone since the establishment. "The ProWein is very important for us. Compared to other markets the Asien market is thirty years old and many people don’t know a lot about the wine from this region and its quality. Our aim is to change this and ProWein is the best place for that."
Photo: Guillermo Wright
Guillermo Wright, Presidente, Dos Hemisferios and Carla Artinano, Commercial Director, Ecuador:
"The fair is very big and impressive," they raved. Here the company is an exhibitor for the first time, but took part at ProWine China. The main difference between the fair in China and here in Germany is "that the people here are very deeply in the theme and have a lot of knowledge about wine. This is very important, because Dos Hemisferios is a young winery. We want to start export, so ProWein is the right place for us."
Photo: Jacek Turnau
Jacek Turnau, owner, Winnica Turnau, Poland and Zbigniew Turnau, owner:
"We represent our own winery founded by my father. We plan to expand our wine production for getting one of the biggest wine makers in Poland,“ Jacek Turnau explained. Of course they will promote their company at the fair, but they also want to bring quality of Poland as production area of wine closer to the visitors and exhibitors.
Photo: Roland Birr
Roland Birr, Managing Partner at ABS Europe Ltd.:
"At ProWein you can meet the whole world. We are the face of some leading family owned wine estates from overseas here at the trade fair. We represent various wine estates from countries such as South Africa, Chlie, Australia and Tasmania. On our first day here at ProWein we had already some very promising clients at our booth, e.g. from Scandinavia and Russia."
Photo: Marian Geoffrey
Marian Geoffrey, Export Manager, Lanson International Diffusion, France:
„We are part of ProWein since a long time,“ he told. „Europe is one of the most important markets for champagne. About 80 % of champagne are sold within a radios of 500 kilometres from the original manufacturing.“ Last year Lanson was the first among the major champagne brands with a biodynamic champagne in the market. ”Green Label Champagne was an important step for Lanson, for staying interesting, ” Marian Geoffroy explained.
Photo: Bernd Linser
Bernd Linser, Sales, Peter Riegel Weinimport, Orsingen:
„This time we present our new wine series. The liter-selection named Colori especially developped for gastronomy industry,” he explained. 35 years ago the company started to import organic wines of France:” At that time we transported wines with a very small vehicle, but today we are selling about 14 millions bottles per year.” Since the beginning Peter Riegel only focuses on organic wines.