Dauelsberg & Lobmeyer Pisco Peru GbR

Exclusive premium Pisco from Peru

Pisco, the South American grape brandy, has been the national drink of Peru for centuries. Especially in the cocktail scene, the Peruvian Pisco enjoys an excellent reputation. The many uses of Pisco beyond classics such as Pisco Sour to Pisco Punch are becoming more and more known throughout Europe.
At any time in Peru, Pisco also has been enjoyed straight. With its Pisco Mosto Verde Torontel the distillery Ocucaje now offers an absolute premium edition for this enjoyment. It is manufactured from the aromatic Torontel grapes.

The special taste of Pisco Mosto Verde Torontel is characterized by gentle balance and elegant fruitiness. There are echoes of magnolias, roses, citrus and caramel. The floral and fruity aromas are per-fectly integrated. The production as Mosto Verde (green must) gives that Pisco a special depth and tenderness.

The Pisco comes in elaborate bottle design and a black folding box. The presentation emphasizes the high quality of the Pisco. First produced in 2011 by Ocucaje in the "Gran Selección" series, it is one of the most exclusive Piscos available in Peru. At the competition premiere in Seville in September 2011 the Mosto Verde Torontel received the CINVE Medal "Grand Gold" award.

Official Premiere of the Mosto Verde Torontel will be at ProWein in Düsseldorf from March 24 to March 26 2013, where it will be presented to the public along with the great Pisco brand 1615.

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