Herdade de Esporao

Esporão wins “Producer of the Year 2011”

WINE – A Essência do Vinho has awarded Esporão “Producer of the Year”, as part of the annual prizes given in recognition of excellence in the sector. In the words of the magazine «(…) from the tranquillity of Reguengos de Monsaraz, (Esporão) has taken the name of the Alentejo and the wines it produces to dozens of other markets, gaining presence and prestige (…) For its brilliant past, successful present and promising future, WINE – A Essência do Vinho awards Esporão “Producer of the Year 2011”. The magazine also highlights the launch of the Quinta dos Murças project in the Douro region: «(…) if Alentejo daring is nearing its 40th birthday, the project in the Douro, at Quinta dos Murças is a much more recent affair (…)» João Roquette, CEO of Esporão, emphasises the importance of the nomination: “2011 was a good year for Esporão. We continued to grow and achieved important objectives, like the launch of the Quinta dos Murças wines. We receive the recognition of Wine – Essência do Vinho with great enthusiasm and gratitude”.