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Pouring wine without spilling a drop

We have all been there: sitting at a well-laid table in good company, serving precious wine and –oops! – the best table linen is ruined by a wine stain. It need never happen again!

The worldwide patented DropStop banishes such scenes to the past. Simply roll up the wine pourer and insert it into the neck of the bottle, where its clever design guarantees dropfree drinking pleasures.

The original DropStop can be printed according to your requirements using a high resolution photo print technique and with a large choice of packaging styles.

The DropStop is made of layered laminate (PET and aluminium) and absolutely food safe. Thus id doesn’t matter exactly how you roll up the DropStop and insert it into the bottle: the laminate ensures that the ink cannot ever come into contact with the wine. The material is easy to care for and can be cleaned simply and often under running water

This enables unlimited use of the DropStop over many years.