Deutsches Weintor eG

Deutsches Weintor eG supplies innovative wines for food retailers

Deutsches Weintor eG offers fine quality wines and innovative lines of wines for food retailers. Oenological know-how, state-of-the-art technology, a firm commitment to brand leadership and uncompromising quality assurance are the aspects of utmost priority for the Pfalz winemakers. The highly innovative association will be presenting its wine creations – 13 of which have been launched in the past three years alone – at the ProWein trade fair in Dusseldorf.

The brand “Deutsches Weintor” stands for high quality Pfalz wines available through German food retailers as well as department stores. Approximately 450 select winemakers from the “Südliche Weinstrasse” growing region foster and cultivate their vines on an acreage of about 600 hectares, demonstrating an uncompromising commitment to quality by keeping regular records of vineyard inspections and documenting geological analyses of the vineyards. These winemakers cultivate both traditional Pfalz wines as well as international vine varieties. Deutsches Weintor in Ilbesheim draws from their harvests to create high-quality wines designed for special occasions as well as everyday drinking pleasure.

At the cutting edge
Ever since the association’s establishment in 1956, this group of Pfalz winemakers, renowned for their drive for innovation, have consistently developed new concepts highly demanding of their oenological expertise. In 1979, for instance, they were among the first producers to bottle the Dornfelder grape as a variety of its own. Deutsches Weintor’s “Dornfelder Rotwein Trocken“ has meanwhile been awarded the title “German Red Wine of the Year in the Retail Trade“ by the trade journal “Weinwirtschaft“ nine times in succession (1999-2007). Other specialities as the white red wine "Spätburgunder Blanc de Noir“ and the dry “Dornfelder Rosé” have also been launched. More recently the Ilbesheim-based association has introduced two wine lines to the shelves of the retail trade that once again are oriented towards the consumers’ wishes: on the one hand there is the “Edition Mild” vinified using the gentle LO3 method, a line of stomach-friendly wines that are gentle in their acidity, and on the other hand the modern “World of Wines” line, which uses international vine varieties. But it’s not just the creation of new wines that has repeatedly demonstrated the Pfalz wine experts’ innovation potential: the introduction of the Bordeaux-style bottle and the use of Barrique barrels in Germany are due not least to the efforts of Deutsches Weintor eG. What’s more, the use of the direct juice-pressing method and of GPS technology for the planting of vines underscore the pioneering role of the Pfalz-based association.

State-of-the-art technology
As a measure to ensure that the grapes are gently processed in as perfect a quality as possible, in recent years Deutsches Weintor has invested over ten million euros in equipping new production facilities. Refrigerated tanks made of stainless steel for direct juice-pressing operations and refrigerated grape-must fermentation tanks are just as much a natural part of the company’s philosophy as the gentle harvesting of must and refrigeration at the must level.

A commitment to quality
Neutral institutions such as Fresenius as well as prizes and awards from trade journals and the media all attest to the underlying philosophy of Deutsches Weintor of combining traditional craftsmanship and future-oriented production techniques. In 2007, Deutsches Weintor achieved the IFS (International Food Standard) certification “Higher Level”, which is awarded to only very few vinicultural producers. But, today as ever, it is the satisfaction of the company’s customers that is the yardstick of its success: in future, too, they can confidently rely on the fine quality and look forward to enjoying new series of wines from Deutsches Weintor.