Domaine la Tour Boisée


Family estate since 1826, we are using all possible creativity and sense of the land for making both sappy and original wines! Located in Laure-Minervois, near Carcassonne, with 80 hectares, 17 grape-varieties are planted in a small village yet enjoying of the widest and various lands of the region.

Jean-Louis Poudou, winemaker and owner of the estate, has been supporting the Minervois appellation for more than 30 years:focus on the indigenous grapes, a thorough work on the soils and a beautiful grape are his principles. Following 25 years of sustainable agriculture, the estate will obtained its organic certification with the vintage 2013 launched during Prowein.

Belanging to an uninterrupted lines of winemaker ancestors, the family used to cultivate vineyards in the Xlllth century, for the monks of the abbey of St Hilaire. As a matter of fact, Poudou comes from the verb .:poudar» meaning trimming the vine. Since then winegrowing has been part of the family. Hence our winemaking philosophy based on observation, intuition and experience.

A constant exploring and an adventurous spirit allow refining the top cuvees every year and create new ones, from what each new vintage brings, and of course our fundamental principles!

Our will is to take part in the history of the grands vins of the Languedoc region with an unquenchable thirst for enthusiasm in making wines tobe frank, deep and lively, their feet in the earth and their head in the stars!

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