Barons Edmond et Benjamin de Rothschild, Compagnie Vinicole Chateau Clarke

Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild

The wine tradition in the French branch of the Rothschild family was born in 1868 with the purchase of Chateau Lafite by James de Rothschild. After more than a century of family history linked to the world of wine, Baron Edmond de Rothschild (great grandson of James) extended this family tradition in 1973 by acquiring two Listrac & Moulis Crus Bourgeois in Médoc. Château Clarke & Château Malmaison. He then created the Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

Under a  watchful eye, the estates were restored, the wines were replanted and the company was modernised and expanded while retaining a familial aspect. Over time, Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild has opened up to the world through an association with the Rupert family in South Africa. Their shared passion gave rise to the "Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons" wine cellar at the foot of the magnificent Mountain.

In 1999, Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild bought 250ha in Argentina at the base of the Andes to produce "Flechas de los Andes" wines with Laurent Dassault.

In the Bordeaux region, Baron Benjamin de Rothschild acquired the superb property at Château des Laurets in 2003 seeking to develop the full potential of this vineyard straddling two AOC's : Puisseguin St Emilion and Montagne St Emilion. After significant renovation work, the estate now boasts modern, high-performance facilities.

More recently, in New Zeland, the acquisition of 26ha of grapevines at the heart of the Marlborough valley has yielded Rimapere, an outstanding Sauvignon Blanc.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and his wife Ariane continue to produce high-quality wines with exacting standards, when it comes to both the choice of new terroirs and each stage of vinification.

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