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Chianti "Il Sosso" a great wine

The estate “Il Sosso” is situated amongst the vaste hills of the Tuscan landscape in the heart of the green vineyards in the Arretine area, and specifically in the Commune of Lucignano, an exquisitely beautiful mediaeval historic centre.
The Farm has been owned by the Ravaglioli family for three generations, and since 1965 the family has shown the same boundless enthusiasm for cultivating the vineyards and striving continuously for quality. The first three wines of the “Il Sosso” production were created from the strength of this commitment, and they are being marked with praise for their remarkable quality and genuineness.
The estate extends in total for approximately 45 hectares. Thirty hectares are cultivated as vineyards, from which the following wines are produced:
 Chianti D.O.C.G. “Il Sosso”
 Toscana Rosso I.G.T. “Poggio Falcone”
 Toscana Chardonnay I.G.T. “Il Sosso”
Between wines, Chianti DOCG “Il Sosso” is king: intense red colour and vivacious, harmonious taste, dry, full-flavoured, slightly tannic which softens out with time, soft and velvety. Intensely heady and elegant aroma.

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