Charming heavyweight – Amarone della Valpolicella

Foto: Winzer Daniele Accordini
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Foto: Amarone
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Foto: Winzer Daniele Accordini
Foto: Presidente Renzo Bighignoli, Direttore Daniele Accordini, Vice Gianmichele Giacopuzzi
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Miracolo - solved

Photo: Amarone

From provision for the troops to export hit

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Amarone – tastes good young as well as old

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Photo: Maternigo
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Grand opera

Information wine-growing region Valpolicella

The wine-growing region Valpolicella DOC lies in the Province of Verona of the wine-growing region of Venice. It consists of the valleys Squaranto, Mezzane, Illasi, Tramigna and Alpone. Valpolicella Classico is produced in the valleys of Fumane, Marano and Negrar.
Altitude: 70 to 400 metres
Producers with bottling: 272
Cooperatives: 7
Grape producers: 2469 (thereof 1495 for Amarone)
Production: 60 million bottles
Value of the production per year: € 550 million (thereof Amarone € 325 million)
Value of the production per hectare and year: € 18,000 – 20,000
Total value of the wine-growing area: € 4 billion **
Wine-growing area: 7564 hectares
Thereof pesticide reduced: 2000 hectares

Valpolicella DOC
Grape varieties:
Corvina Veronese from 40% to 80%
Corvinone can replace Corvina up to maximum 50%
Rondinella from 5 % to 30 %
More varieties up to 15% (amongst others: Molinara, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Negrara, Croatina, Oseleta, Cruina, Forselina, Negrara Corbina, Croatina, Oseleta; 97% of the vine stocks are autochthonous)

Valpolicella Superiore DOC
Maturity: 1 year

Ripasso DOC
Produced through second fermentation of Valpolicella on Amarone grape pulp.
DOC: Since 2009

Amarone DOCG
Alcohol: Normally, the wines have between 14.5 to 16 % vol.
Residual sugar, normally: 4 – 12 g/l.
Maturity: 3 years
Every bottle of Amarone has a numbered banderole.

Recioto DOCG
Minimum alcoholic strength: 12%
Residual sugar, normally: 50–100g/l
Production: 600,000 bottles per year

Valpolicella Classico, Amarone, Recioto
Grape varieties:
Corvina Veronese (40–70 %)
Rondinella (20–40 %)
Molinara (5–25 %)

Export and Markets
Exportrate: 80%
Europe: Two thirds, thereof: Germany: 28%, Denmark: 19%, Switzerland: 17%
Canada: 14,5%
USA: 14%

Further markets of minor relevance:
China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Hongkong, Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia*

*INEA survey of foreign exports of the Valpolicella 2014
** Study of the Institute Assoeonologi 2014

More information
Consorzio della Valpolicella
As of: 2013